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Ansmann Battery Tester


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Ansmann Battery Tester



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Product Details

Reliable and compact tester for rechargeable batteries & disposable batteries

The handy, pocket-sized battery tester works without battery or other power supply. It is therefore ready for use at any time without there being any need to worry about power supply or full batteries.

It is suitable for testing AAA, AA, C, D sizes of 1.5V alkaline batteries and 1.2V NiMH rechargeable batteries as well as 9V PP3 batteries.

Simplest operation

The measurement is child's play. Simply clamp the round cells with the correct polarity between the two contact clips, or connect the 9V PP3s with the correct polarity to the two contacts on the underside of the housing.

Digital voltage display

After contacting a rechargeable battery or disposable battery, the cell voltage is displayed in volts (V). The table below the voltage display can be used to determine the charge level of the tested cell. If the display is blank, the voltage of the cell is too low and it is completely discharged.

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