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Kodak UltraMax 400 35mm Film (24 Exposure)

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Kodak UltraMax 400 35mm Film (24 Exposure)



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Kodak GC 135-24 35mm Colour Print Film lets you take your pictures to the next level. Its proprietary technology delivers the world's most convenient 400-speed film, so you can capture more of your precious moments. Whether your subjects are still or moving fast, in sunlight or dim light, GC 400 gives you great results. If you currently use 100 or 200-speed film, switching to this amazingly adaptable film will improve up to 25 percent of the pictures you take.


GC 400 offers improved performance in all key photographic features. It delivers a great combination of brilliant colour saturation and accurate colour reproduction to give you clear, crisp prints. Now the choice is simple.


Maximum Versatility


Great pictures in sunlight or low light, inaction or still; The world's most versatile 400-speed film choice.


ISO 400


Great pictures in a wide range of lighting conditions; Better pictures in low light; Sharper pictures with moving subjects; Extended flash range for better flash pictures; Reduced effect of "camera shake"; Better depth of focus capabilities


Improved Colour Reproduction


Bright, vibrant prints; Consistent colour under most lighting conditions


Optimized Skin Tones


Pleasing, natural-looking "people pictures"


Improved Image Structure


Finer grain for clear, sharp pictures; Great for enlargements; Improved prints from underexposed negatives


Improved Illuminant Insensitivity


Less print colouration with images taken under fluorescent lights


Scanning Compatibility


High-quality results from digital output systems; Great prints from digital zoom and crop images

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