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Kenro USB Film & Slide Scanner


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Kenro USB Film & Slide Scanner


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Product Details

The Kenro USB Film and Slide Scanner converts your 35mm slides, film and negatives into digital images. The scanner has a resolution of 5 Megapixels (1800 dpi) or 10 Megapixels (3600 dpi) interpolated, and is powered by USB - no additional power is required.

This affordable, simple scanner is quick and easy to use, with just one button press to scan each image. Simply connect the scanner to your computer via the USB cable (included), install the supplied software, and start scanning. The scanned images will automatically be transferred to your computer, with no memory card needed.

Key features:

1. GIVE NEW LIFE TO OLD MEMORIES – Bring old film and slides into the digital era with this scanner. Converting your precious memories into JPEG format not only allows you to edit and enhance old images, bringing them back to life, but also gives you important back up in case the originals degrade over time.

2. ENTRY LEVEL – This affordable, simple scanner has a 5MP CMOS sensor and is quick and easy to use, with just one button press required to scan each image.

3. NO MEMORY CARD REQUIRED – Connect the scanner to your computer using the included USB cable, install the software and start scanning directly to your computer with no need for an additional memory card.

4. JUST WHAT YOU NEED – This comprehensive scanner kit from Kenro includes the KNSC202 USB Scanner, USB cable, film holder, slide holder, software CD, cleaning brush and user manual.

Product Reviews


I have seen the slides I bought the Scanner for projected onto a large screen and know that the images are of a good quality. I used to show them to audiences. The scans of these slides are low resolution even when the higher setting is used. Very disappointed that the limitations were not pointed out in words easily understood by layperson. What is the point of software to "enhance old images, bringing them back to life" when the scans are of such poor quality? The carriage for the slides does not move easily through the scanner. I have wasted my money as I will have to find another way of getting my slides digitized. On the plus side, the software loaded easily onto my Windows Desktop and dispatch was prompt. The item was certainly well protected.

Brilliant. Great results. Very easy to use.

I bought this to convert several thousand colour transparencies to digital images. Previously I had used a conventional flat bed scanner or an old Bush & Meissner slide duplicator attached to a digital SLR. The former was slow and laborious, the latter , intended for 35mm cropped the images on the APS sensor. The Kenro produces similar quality images to the above methods, is easy to use and has no 'crop' problems. The editing software provided is some what basic which means any 'editing' is best done with an appropriate alternative program and it defaults to colour negative which is a bit of a pain. The slide carrier appears to be a little fragile but the 'cleaning brush' is a nice touch.

I have been scanning prints to make digital copies, and bought the film and slide scaner to copy a large number of slides. The software installed ok and once I found where the images were landing on my computer I was able to scan a box of 36 slides quite quickly, however I was disappointed with the quality of the scanned images. Despite attempting to edit the images in the supplied software and other photo editing software, I was unable to match the colours or sharpness of the original slides.

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