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We know shopping for new technologies can be a little daunting.  We know that there are many myths and uncertainties about buying a camera, such as size of sensors, bigger zooms mean better pictures, why buy a tripod when all you need is a bean bag... we can go on.

However, at CameraWorld, we've got over 60 years experience (there is a lot more, but we're trying to be nice to some of the older members of staff) in the photographic trade and know pretty much all there is to know.  But we're also human.  We know that too much techno-babble can be off putting for many people.

That is why we've created these handy little guides to help you find what you're looking for.

As mentioned, we're human. We have two shops - two genuine, "bricks and mortor" shops in Central London and Chelmsford in Essex.

If you can't find the answer you're looking for, then feel free to call us, email us, or unlike most online retailers, come in and visit us.

Buying A Camera

Buying A Lens

Buying A Tripod