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Expand your options and increase the versatility of your lenses to focus closer

Canon EF12 II Extension Tube


  • Lens is suitable for: Canon EOS APS-C (EF-S) & Full Frame (EF)
  • Fitting: Canon EF/EFs
  • Converter
  • Macro

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Canon EF12 II Extension Tube



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Product Details

The Extension Tube EF 12 is installed between the prime lens and the camera body.

It is a simple way to enable close-ups at high magnifications by increasing the distance between the lens and the film plane enabling focusing at closer distances than otherwise possible. This close-up accessory maintains full electronic coupling between the camera body and lens and can be used with most EF lenses.

When used with selected lenses, this 12mm extension tube allows much closer focusing

  • Compact and portable- a great accessory to take when shooting wildlife
  • Contains no optical elements
  • Maintains electronic contact between lens and body
  • When used with selected EF and EF-S lenses, this 12mm extension tube allows much closer focusing- great when trying to fill the frame with tiny subjects.
  • This 12mm extension tube fits between camera body and the lens, providing a brighter image that the Extension Tube EF 25 II

Extension Tube EF 12 II is especially suited for close-focusing with wide-angle lenses. Compatible with all lenses, except 15mm f/2.8 fisheye, 14mm f/2.8L and MP-E 65mm f/2.8.

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