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Canon GPS Receiver GP-E2

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Canon GPS Receiver GP-E2


Product Details

Canon GP-E2 

Compact and integrated via your compatible camera’s hot shoe or USB terminal, the GP-E2 allows geotagging and automatically adds location to your images and video as EXIF data while you shoot. It features an onboard electronic compass that, when held vertically, displays orientation on a map. As well as functioning as a stand-alone GPS logger, your compatible camera or camcorder’s clock can also be set using the GP-E2’s atomic clock.


  • Records location information which includes longitude, latitude, elevation, direction, and Universal Coordinated Time (UTC) as EXIF information to images when shooting
  • Can be used as a stand-alone GPS logger
  • Featuring an on-board electronic compass
  • Your camera or camcorder’s timestamp can be synched by the GP-E2’s built-in atomic clock
  • Energy-saving design provides hours of continuous use with only one AA-size alkaline battery (battery not included)

What's in the box

  • GP-E2 GPS Receiver
  • Soft Case (For GPS)
  • Interface Cable IFC-25AB
  • Interface Cable IFC-150AB


  • XC10
  • XA30
  • EOS 5DS
  • EOS 5DS R
  • EOS R
  • EOS RP
  • EOS 6D
  • EOS 80D
  • EOS 77D
  • EOS 800D
  • EOS 750D
  • EOS 760D
  • EOS 700D
  • EOS 200D
  • EOS 2000D
  • EOS 1300D
  • EOS-1D X
  • EOS-1D C
  • EOS 5D Mark III
  • EOS 7D*
  • EOS 70D
  • EOS 650D
  • EOS 100D
  • EOS 1200D
  • EOS M
  • EOS M2
  • EOS 90D
  • EOS Ra
  • XA11 + Power Kit
  • XA15
  • XA35
  • EOS 850D
  • EOS R5
  • EOS R6
  • XA15

* Firmware update required

Product Reviews

Easy to use, Features, Lightweight, Long battery life, Solid operation

Canon have stopped the mapping app therefore making this a waste of money..


Accurate geotagging every time - works with the Canon R5


This is an excellent bit of kit which is easily attached to the camera hot shoe or carried on a belt. It enables the accurate recording of the places where shots are taken and works well with Light room. The unit is compact and light.


Probably an expensive toy, but if you want to Geo-Tag your images without further work it does the job well. Only a shame the 5D Mk III does not have one built in! Drawback is that it takes up the hotshoe position, if a flash is needed the unit needs a bracket and USB link cable which then becomes a...


Very easy to use. With my IDX and 5DIII It records exact location, compass direction of shot and synchronised time via satellite. It is quite big but can be put in pocket provided it can see the satellite signals. I would like a better indication of battery status.


I purchased for my new Canon R5. I was disappointed that the camera did not have GPS but was happy to see there was an easy way to add GPS via this GP-E2 unit. It plugs into the flash spot and just works.

B&H Photo

It has to be removed to use the flash. To have the GPS update the cameras clock, you have to also connect it via a short cable to the USB port. Leaving that cable connected for about four years broke a wire in it so I had to buy a new GP-E2 to get a new cable (the connector at the GPS end isnt USB...

B&H Photo

Just performed a preliminary test of uploaded photos using the GP-E2. They display on my photo software showing the precise Geo-location where I shot the pics. Have an extensive trip coming up in spring and will be able to better assess performance following that trip. So far, so good!


Just purchased the 70D with the GPS-E2. Works great without the need to use the cable to the USB port. The only disappointment is that you need to remove the GPS for the pop-up flash to pop-up.


The receiver looks like a small space starship once mounted on my Canon 5D Mark III. Works nicely and easily. Sometimes connecting to the GPS takes 2-3 minutes, but cannot indicate in which conditions it is much slower than the norm.

I have the latest 90D. So you would expect canon accessories to be upwardly compatible - Don’t assume this. Anxious to avoid the Japanese imports for the GPS receiver I bought a uk market product from a respected Canon dealer. Canon also confirmed this UK product is fine, no changes made to the model so good to go and works on a 90D. The product consists of the receiver, two cables and a bag for the receiver to carry. The receiver itself works fine, clips on tightly and functions well albeit it takes a long time (5 mins.) to get a satellite signal. So it’s core function to add Geo marks to photos worked well. However that is only one feature of the device. For the other two features you need two cables for it to communicate with the camera (90D) and an ordinary computer, PC laptop, or MacBook. To use when you are using flash, and to log your journey that you then transfer across to your laptop. That’s when you discover slowly that Canon have worked on this in a silo -away from camera design teams - as stupidly - the connectors don’t fit. I have made Canon aware of this obvious fault - and a month later I am still waiting for an apology, an acceptance there is a problem and a recall or recompense. With regard to the connectivity for the flash they were quick to point out buried on page 477 of their manual that the camera flash cable does not work on some cameras. Clearly suggesting a desire and marketing tactic to hide rather than be up front and inform buyers. However, they have no excuse for a failure in connectivity with the common laptop port connections in the UK. On this they are still remaining silent - there is an obvious error. I have paid the commercial price for a product which has three functions advertised, two of which I find are not available to the device so is their price worth it ? I don’t think so. In addition to the cost I have spent approaching £100 on a range of standard connectors in absence on Canon responding to allow the camera (micro usb) to connect with a MacBook (usb2). - all with no positive result. The device apparently needs an upgrade ? Hmmmm. How can I do this Canon if your cables don’t work ? I am currently left with a device that can only communicate through the hot shoe. Come on Canon, you are slipping not used to be this bad.

Very accurate GPS signal, easy to use. Have so far only used it on the hot shoe.

Even though the GPS is great I feel it is too big considering they can fit a GPS in a smartphone. Most low budget cameras have GPS fitted as standard but Canon feel they can make more money by having the GPS as an add on. That aside, I am touring Canada on a bike soon but tried the GPS to track a route I did in the UK and it worked great. It was easy to transfer the coordinates into Google Earth and see a map of my route. Would have rated more if smaller and cheaper.

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