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Hoya 52mm HD II UV Filter


  • Filter Size: 52mm

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Hoya 52mm HD II UV Filter



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The HD Mk II UV is the ultimate protection for your front-lens element against scratches, dirt and bumps. The great addition compared to a regular protector is that the filter also perfectly cuts out UV light, reducing the haze and blue colour cast which can be caused by it in certain settings, giving you ultimately a sharper image.


The HOYA HD Mk II UV is equipped with a special chemically enhanced optical glass that is four times stronger than normal glass, providing a superior level of protection.

Its sharp UV cut property cuts out the UV light while not having any negative effect on the colours in the visible light spectrum, so there will never be an unwanted change of colours in your image. As UV light can potentially cause a haze and blue colour cast under certain conditions, the filter will reduce such negative effects which will make your final image ultimately sharper and clearer.


The 16-layer anti-reflective high-transmittance multi-coating on both sides of the filter glass greatly reduces the chance of any reflections caused by the filter. As the coating comes with a water- and oil-repellent feature while also being stain-resistant, cleaning the filter is easy and stress-free.


The glass of the HOYA HD Mk II UV is mounted with a special high-pressure press technology to the frame, giving it additional stability, which contributes to the sturdiness of the filter. The frame itself is ultra-thin, reducing the chance of vignetting immensely – making the filter absolutely compatible with wide-angle lenses.

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