It’s always so difficult to know what to buy your Dad for Father’s day, isn’t it? They usually have everything they want, and when asked, they offer little in the way of inspiration. This often prompts us to go for the usual socks, chocs and booze. The good news is that if your Dad has a passion for all things photography, there are so many options to suit every budget, meaning you can buy your Dad something he’ll definitely use and last for years to come.

Father’s Day gifts for photographers

If your Dad enjoys picking up a camera professionally or as an amateur, whether he documents every moment or captures purely artistic shots, we’ve got a few suggestions for the perfect father’s day gift.

Memory Cards

A photographer can never have enough good quality memory cards. These make a great gift and don’t need to cost a fortune to get a great quality card with high storage. However, you will need to know which type of memory card your Dad uses. From SD cards to Compact Flash or XQD Cards, your Dad will be able to store all of his images safely.

Camera Straps

It’s important to feel comfortable while keeping your camera safe so investing in a good quality camera strap is important. Consider upgrading Dad’s worn old strap with a comfy new one or even a camera harness for extra comfort when shooting for an extended period.


The proper lighting makes or breaks an image, and flashguns will help your Dad get that photo precisely as he wants it to look. You’ll need to know the make of his camera, e.g. Canon or Nikon and then choose from on-camera flash or off-camera flash. If you’re unsure, strike up a conversation to see which type your Dad rates best.

Instant Cameras

Even if your Dad is a professional photographer, instant cameras are great fun. In recent years, they’ve made an enormous comeback, with Polaroid leading the way and Fujifilm, Kodak and Canon all bringing their own instant cameras to the market. We do occasionally get the originals in stock too, and they make unique retro gifts for Dads who remember them the first time around.


Tripods open up a world of opportunities for photographers to capture different shots that they would typically take handheld. They allow the photographer to take time setting up a shot ready to capture the perfect image and take different types of photos such as macro, moving objects and long exposure.

Fisheye Lens

A fisheye lens is an excellent gift as it’s not necessarily something a photographer would buy themselves. They usually stick to the kit they need at the time, but a fisheye lens is fantastic for capturing an entire scene in one image.

Camera Backpack

A camera backpack is particularly great if your Dad goes out for hours on end, capturing his images and maybe stopping for a spot of lunch. As well as being comfortable and distributing weight evenly, backpacks also have room for extra belongings, including a picnic and flask.

Compact Camera

Your Dad may well have an all-singing, all-dancing camera kit, but sometimes it’s just really handy to have a great compact camera in your pocket for when you’re on the move, such as on holiday. Your Dad will appreciate being able to capture memories wherever he goes.

Studio Lighting

From a studio lighting kit for shooting portraits, a food or product photography lighting kit, or a full studio lighting setup, studio lighting is a great gift for any photographer who shoots indoors.


For any videographer Dad, a stabilised Gimbal will ensure your Dad’s footage is perfect every time. Whether he’s shooting on his smartphone, action camera, mirrorless camera, DSLR or pro camcorder, the footage will be smooth and easy to watch.

Picture Frames

Allow Dad to treasure his memories with a picture frame. You can either give it blank, ready for him to put his favourite image into or give it with a great photo of you and your family already. You could also opt to buy him a set of frames to display several of his images.

Smartphone Accessories

If your Dad enjoys using his smartphone to capture his images, you could opt for a smartphone accessory for Father’s day. We’ve got bike mounts to enable him to capture a ride, tripods for stability and even creator kits which allow you to turn your phone into a GoPro or make vlogging a breeze.

Lens Case or Bag

If your Dad likes to carry multiple lenses wherever he goes, he’ll want to protect the lens that isn't currently in use but still have it to hand when he needs it. From simple protective pouches to complete protection capsules and even inflatable lens cases, your Dad will love our lens cases.

A Family Photoshoot

A family photoshoot will cost nothing more than your time and mean the world to your Dad. There are several options you could go for:

  • Your Dad featuring in the shoot, setting up the image and using a self-timer or remote control to capture the images.
  • Your Dad taking pictures of his kids, grandkids or extended family
  • Get Dad to take a fun recreation of an old photo in a then and now style shoot. This not only gives you a really fun image, but it’s also an opportunity to reminisce and will be so funny on the day itself.

Be creative and imaginative with where you hold the shoot, and not only will your Dad get some great images, but he’ll have unforgettable memories of creating the images for many years to come.

Still stuck on what to buy your photographer Dad this Father’s Day? Our team is happy to help. They have a wealth of knowledge on all things photography and are always keen to share this. They’re all passionate about photography and will discuss anything camera related without hesitation. Visit one of our stores in London, Essex or Stevenage or get in touch online.