Those who have joined us at our previous shows will know exactly what makes our events so special. For those considering joining us for the first time, we thought we’d help you on your way by complimenting the 7/7 date with 7 reasons why you should be racing to the CameraWorld LIVE website to book your tickets. 

1. CameraWorld Live is For Everyone

Whether you are a mobile phone photographer ready to step beyond the limitations of that tiny sensor and lens, a motorsport fanatic keen to learn how to best capture your passion on location at an iconic venue, a seasoned photography enthusiast itching to get your hands on the latest exciting product releases or a professional photographer looking to assess the ever evolving tools of your trade… this show is for you.

 2. All the Big Brands in One Place

The inspiration for launching our first show was to bring our suppliers together in a unique location to provide anyone with an interest in photography a chance to try new kit, buy new kit, learn from the pros and enjoy unique photographic experiences. We are incredibly lucky to have had such incredible support from our partners to deliver just that. Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fujifilm, Tamron, Sigma and so many more will all be there to proudly present their products and answer your questions. After so many significant new product launches in recent weeks this years show will feature some pretty special first opportunities to get your hands on some very exciting bits of kit!  

3. Famous Show Deals

Seasoned attendees of photography shows will know all about CameraWorld’s Famous Show Deals. We work exceptionally hard with our suppliers to create one-off show exclusive deals. We can’t publish these in advance and they are only available to attendees on the day. Rest assured we will have done our absolute best that we can to put the kit of your dreams  into your camera bag. (And maybe a new camera bag).

4. Trade-Up

We offer show only prices on equipment traded in and purchased at the show, so if you want to cash in some of your photographic assets, bring them along. We offer our full retail experience at the show so you can buy, sell and part-exchange with us. And unlike most of our competitors - we aren’t just after digital cameras. We buy digital, film, old, new, compact, lenses, tripods and lots of accessories. 

5. Professional Photowalks

Guided Photowalks led by pro-photographers at the iconic Brands Hatch circuit. Learn from the best, in real time, on location, take some special images of your own. Our guides this year are of an exceptionally high calibre and include the official photographer for Top Gear and some very experienced photographers with exceptional pedigrees.

 6. Birdseye Track View

Join your favourite brands on the balcony for an unbeatable view of the action on track and test out the latest equipment. With cameras like the Nikon Z9 and Sony A1 available, you can be sure you won't miss a shot. 

 7. It’s an absolute Bargain

Tickets reduced to just £5 (half price) with discount code SOCIAL at checkout. Oh, and those Photowalks we mentioned earlier… they’re completely free too! 

You can book a slot when you book your tickets… if you’re quick…