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Simply add this on to any micro Nikkor lens, then on to a Nikon DSLR with an in-camera digitiser, and you can convert all your films and slides to jpegs

Nikon ES-2 Film Digitising Adapter Kit


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Nikon ES-2 Film Digitising Adapter Kit


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The ES-2 adapter lets you turn colour or monochrome images shot on film into high-quality digital files without using a scanner. It’s compatible with Nikon DSLRs that boast an in-camera digitising menu.

Using the adapter, a NIKKOR lens (a micro-NIKKOR is recommended), and the camera’s digitising menu, negatives are captured in Photo Live View. The camera automatically reverses the colours and converts the film to JPEG format. You can confirm the digital images on the camera’s monitor or on a TV monitor via an HDMI cable (not included).

The ES-2 is a Film Digitising Adapter that lets you easily convert your film images to digital. Taking advantage of the high-pixel count of the D850's 45.7 MP, the Film Digitizing Adapter lets you convert both 35mm slides and negatives to digital files. Using a lens such as the AF-S Micro NIKKOR 60mm f/2.8G ED attached to the D850, the camera's digitizing function automatically reverses the colours and stores them as JPEG images. This once time-consuming process involving a film scanner can be done much more quickly. For negative strips, use the FH-4 Strip Film Holder with the ES-2 and for slides, use the FH-5 Slide Mount Holder with the ES-2.

Whether you still shoot rolls of film or it’s negatives from years ago, the ES-2 is a handy way to create digital files for printing and sharing. The resolution and tonal richness of your JPEGs will be suitable for enlarging up to A1 size.

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