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Nikon MB-D18 Multi Power Battery Pack


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Nikon MB-D18 Multi Power Battery Pack


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Product Details

The MB-D18 is a water- and dust-resistant multi-power battery pack. It increases the frame rate and extends the autonomous operating time of the D850 DSLR.

Used with the D5’s rechargeable Li-ion EN-EL18B battery inserted, the MB-D18 will increase the D850’s maximum frame rate to 9 fps. A single charge of this battery pack lets you shoot up to 5140 shots and record up to approx. 210 minutes of video.

Use of the MB-D18 also enables a steadier grip on the camera when shooting in portrait mode. Alternative shutter-release, multi-selector and AF start buttons ease operation when holding the camera in the vertical shooting position. And the pack features secondary main- and sub-command dials.

Product Reviews

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While the D810 battery life was great even without the grip, the D850 sucks juice very quickly. Using this and the EN-EL-18 series battery, that is no longer an issue. Also, with 9 FPS, the D5 no longer has such an advantage over the 48 MP D850.

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The total handling of the D850 with the MB-D18 Multi-Power Battery Pack attached is awesome! The D800's with the Nikon MB-D12 Multi-Power Battery Pack is not as comfortable to hold and use as theD850 with the Nikon MB-D18 Multi-Power Battery Pack.

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This guy is heavy and solid...with the big battery, it is really, really heavy! For the most part, I find the extra weight helps reduce camera shake, but it takes some of the fun out of lugging it around in your camera bag :) Switches and buttons are quality.

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I wholeheartedly recommend this accessory for the D 850...besides extending the number of pics available due to the extra battery, it nicely balance the camera in your hand...especially with a heavy lens attached...

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Shoots 9 fps and thousands of photos with el18 battery and BL5 door. Pricey but it works and none of the knock-offs will perform like this.

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I just love this Multi-Power Battery Pack. It extends the camera and makes it easy to hold. Its just a great grip and I wouldnt think of not having it on my camera

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Another great product from Nikon

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Never had issues with this item. Camera sits well in your hand when attached. Doesnt make your camera significantly heavier. Recommend!

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I ponied up the stupid amount of money for this over the Vello version, which would probably have been fine. But the Vello for my D810 does not drain first, before the battery in the camera, as the camera is set to do.

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What do you expected? Working perfectly without all the fancy fanfares. The only recommendation is that I use the 2 programmable buttons on the right side of camera a-lot. And the vertical grip doesnt have those buttons.

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