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Nikon MC-DC2 Remote Cord

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Product Details

Wired Remote Control

Remote shutter release cable. Plugs into the accessory terminal of specific Nikon SLR cameras and allows the shutter to be released without making direct contact with the camera body.

Use of this cable can help avoid camera shake when shooting with a tripod, and it can be used to activate long exposures (bulb).

Suitable for:

  • Coolpix A
  • Coolpix P1000
  • Coolpix P7700
  • Coolpix P7800
  • D3100
  • D3200
  • D3300
  • D5000
  • D5100
  • D5200
  • D5300
  • D5500
  • D600
  • D610
  • D7000
  • D7100
  • D7200
  • D750
  • D7500
  • D90
  • Df
  • Z6
  • Z7

Product Reviews

Easy to use, Improves product function, Lightweight, Durable, Quality construction
Wilkinson Cameras

very good piece of kit does what its meant to do lightweight and easy to use. Why i waited so long to buy one wish i knew. Would Recommened this product.


This remote attaches easily either to the camera socket or through the dedicated GPS1 unit. It has the advantage of dual pressure release i e the first pressure on the button focuses and the second fires the shutter.


I like it so much that I'm going to purchase a second one for my other camera. I use both cameras at once and this will makes it even easier.


Yes there are cheaper one but this is well made and works so well it some time just nice to use the right one.


although the add doesn't say,the product works well with a D7000.I have a cheaper version of this item so will be interested to see if there are any long term differences between the two.


Works exactly as described, have not used it much as I'm still learning so can't comment on it's durability. Very happy up to now

B&H Photo

For a couple of years I have been using a Vello Wireless trigger in my Nikon kit. That works fine but is sometimes a little "fussy" re: where the remote trigger is positioned relative to the receiver. But the MC-DC2 is much simpler, has no lag time, and much more satisfying for me you use.

B&H Photo

I do a fair amount of photo restoration and macro work for which the remote release cable is necessary. The cord is about 1 meter long which is perfect and the unit requires no batteries (it draws power from the camera battery). There are no bells and whistles which suits me fine.

B&H Photo

I use this device to shot bracketed shots for HDR real estate photos. It works flawlessly with my Nikon D7200. No longer do I have to worry about camera jitters when hitting the shutter button. Well worth the price. Two thumbs way up.

B&H Photo

This was on my wish list but moved from a someday purchase to acquire now because I'm taking a class in night photography. The class had a field trip to shoot the sunset and the city skyline. During the session, I shot up to 30-second exposures with my Nikon Z7.

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