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Panasonic DMW-FL360LE Flashgun & LED


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Panasonic DMW-FL360LE Flashgun & LED


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Product Details

  • GN36 (ISO100mm) and Bounce Lighting
  • Wireless Capability (With the DMC-GH3)
  • LED Light for Video Shooting.

The GN36 (ISO100mm) flash complies with useful bounce lighting.

Wireless control is available with the DMC-GH3. This is handy for multiple-flash shooting.

The LED light is especially useful for video shooting. Charging is fast at only about 2 seconds, to provide comfortable and easy flash shots.

Balancing size and power, the TTL-compatible LUMIX DMW-FL360LE External Flash from Panasonic features an effective guide number of 118' at ISO 100 and 42mm for brightening stills as well as an LED light with 100 lux output at 3.3' for video.

The zoom head has a range of 12-42mm, or down to 8mm with the built-in panel, when used on Micro Four Thirds cameras. Also, the flash head can tilt from -7 to 90° and rotate left and right 180° for complete bounce coverage. An additional feature is wireless master and slave TTL functionality where it can be used as a remote control or a slave in one of 4 channels and 3 groups.

Adding support for video shooters, the DMW-FL360L flash includes an LED light with 100 lux output at 3.3'. This light also functions as an AF assist during stills shooting. The flash is even capable of high-speed sync and it has a recycle time of 1.5 to 2 seconds.

Product Reviews

Clifton Cameras
Clifton Cameras
B&H Photo

There are cheaper flashes but I'm so glad I got this one. Being a native Panasonic product, all the adjustments are fully integrated with the camera. Also, to my surprise, there's an internal zoom function built into the flash, and it's fully AUTOMATIC. Love it!


Relatively light and compact flash that works well with my GX7. Packs a decent punch without being excessively top heavy. It's not as powerful as my Vivitar 285HV (about a stop and a half difference at full power) but the much lighter weight, smaller size, occasional convenience of TTL, as well as...

B&H Photo

I have been a Canon user for years, and always had a bit of trouble with their flash system. I recently bought a Panasonic FZ1000, and decided to get this flash for it. I am very impressed with this flash, and the Panasonic system in general.


I have this connected to a GX7, and have no complaints at all. Coupled with a diffuser, I've had very pleasing results. Plenty of power for my needs, and even shoe mounted on the GX7 i3 very manageable.

B&H Photo

So far the DMW-FL360L flash is just what I needed for my FZ1000. I also bought the Gary Fong collapsible diffuser with it. Very nice photos now when using this flash with the diffuser.


I works as a flash very well. You have no idea it is LED. Works for a video light too.

B&H Photo

I wanted to use this flash with my Lumix LX100 as a fill flash. I must say this is an expensive small flash if you compare its GN and features. But it is relatively compact in size and works relatively well with LX100.


I like this flash gun. I'm still learning the features. I wish Panasonic would have included a more extensive user manual. I do plan on using this flash gun for photography & video. The built in LED light feature is useful.

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