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Plustek OpticFilm 8100 Film Scanner


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Plustek OpticFilm 8100 Film Scanner


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Preserve and convert you negatives

  • 7200 dpi resolution
  • 48-bit depth
  • 64-bit hardware and software support
  • Enhanced with Multi-Exposure Function for quality image
  • USB High Speed 2.0 connection.

The Plustek OpticFilm 8100 is a dedicated and versatile film scanner with 7200 dpi optical resolution. Its light sources give images more precise rendering with less power consumption.

Two one-touch buttons make scanning easier and more efficient for sharing on websites such as Flickr, Facebook, Picasa, etc. 

Compared with the conventional flatbed scanners, the Plustek OpticFilm 8100 provides a much smaller footprint. The scanner is about the same size as a loaf of bread and takes less space on one’s desktop.

All OpticFilm scanners also include a custom carrying bag that can be used for transportation or storage.

The Plustek OpticFilm 8100 and SilverFast software make a perfect combination. SilverFast Multi-Exposure is especially for increasing the dynamic range, which adds more shadow details and eliminates noise.

SilverFast NegaFix with over 120 profiles for negative film guarantees best results when converting negatives into brilliant positives.

The Plustek OpticFilm 8100 scanner is bundled with the newest version of LaserSoft Imaging’s acclaimed scanner software - SilverFast 8. Its WorkflowPilot guides users through all scanning and processing steps.

The new developed graphical user interface is more intuitive and easy to use. Meanwhile, multitasking capable and 64-bit hardware support is extremely fast and efficient. (For more information, please visit 

With the Plustek OpticFilm 8100 it is easier than ever to get started. It is the ideal film scanner for a wide range of users, including home users, lomographers, small office / workshop users, amateur photographers and photographers.

Whats Included...

SilverFast SE Plus 8

  • WorkflowPilot
  • Intuitive Graphic User Interface
  • Multitasking
  • Multi-Exposure
  • SRD
  • And improved functionality and features to perform better than ever.

Carrying bag

Padded carrying bag with storage space for the scanner, two film holders, power adapter and USB cable.

Two film holders are provided

One holder is for mounted slides and can hold up to four mounted slides. The other is for filmstrips up to 6 frames long.

Film holders protect the film during the scanning process.

Plustek QuickScan

Plustek QuickScan is a button utility software for scanning 35mm negative films and positive slides. It is ideal for digitizing snapshots with just one click. It is easy to operate and speedy to scan.

NewSoft Presto! PageManager 7.23

Powerful document management software for OCR, PDF creation, or format conversion to Microsoft Word or Excel. TWAIN-Express makes it easy to connect with your scanner.

  • Share files by converting them to portable file formats like PDF (Portable Document Format), and Presto! Wrapper, an executable file.
  • Easily organize files just like Windows Explorer.
  • View files without opening other applications, with PageManager document and image viewers.
  • Preview audio or video files in Thumbnail view.
  • Easily stack related image and document files - even with different file formats.
  • Get text out of an image with reliable and accurate OCR (Optical Character Recognition).
  • Easily find backup files, annotations, title, author, and memo information with the efficient search function.
  • Add annotations without affecting the original file with handy annotation tools, such as text, stamp, highlighter, freehand line, straight line, sticky note, and bookmark.
  • Enhance images with a set of image tools such as crop, rotate, flip, invert auto-enhancement, brightness and contrast, adjustment, and remove noise.

SilverFast SE Plus 8

SilverFast is a world professional scan software, with Stand-Alone SilverFast Launcher and TWAIN Plug-in applications. It provides users and professionals with a powerful tool for scanning, editing, and reproduction.

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