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Polaroid OneStep Plus Instant Camera


  • Sensor Size: Instant Print

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Polaroid OneStep Plus Instant Camera


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Product Details

The OneStep+ is a Polaroid instant camera with more ways to play.

An evolution of the OneStep 2, the OneStep+ connects to the Polaroid Originals app via Bluetooth® wireless technology, unlocking six creative tools.

Discover double exposure and light painting features, plus next-level control with remote trigger and manual mode. A secondary portrait lens lets you get even closer to your subjects with even sharper photos, while a powerful flash and long-lasting rechargeable battery let you shoot anywhere, at any time.

Well… as long as you have film.

The form factor of the OneStep+ recalls its predecessor, but has an updated polycarbonate shell along with an optical viewfinder, built-in flash, and a familiar bright red shutter release as well as self-timer function.

The fixed 106mm lens offers a comfortable field of view for everyday shooting, and its fixed focus design suits photographing subjects as close as 2' away, or 1' away when its portrait setting is engaged.

Powering the camera is a built-in 1100mAh lithium-ion battery pack, which is rated for up to 60-days of use per charge.

  • Portrait: Create captivating portraits with beautiful bokeh - a sharp subject with surrounding blur.
  • Remote Trigger: Use your phone as a remote shutter trigger and never miss a group photo again.
  • Double Exposure: Capture two photos in a single frame and create surreal, expressive compositions.
  • Light Painting: Turn a light source into your paintbrush, draw pictures in the air and capture them inside your favourite frame.
  • Self Timer: Create perfectly-timed photographs with up to a 12-second countdown.
  • Manual Mode: Master your craft by taking full control over your camera’s aperture, shutter speed, flash intensity and photo ejection.
  • Noise Trigger: Trigger the shutter with the clap of your hands, the splash of a pool or the bark of a dog.
  • Accepts i-Type and 600 instant films to produce 3.5 x 4.2" prints with a 3.1 x 3.1" image area.
  • Bluetooth-compatible to integrate with an iOS or Android mobile device with the Polaroid Originals app installed.
  • Polaroid Originals app can be used to enable remote trigger, noise trigger, or manual mode, as well as the ability to make double exposures or light paintings.

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