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Rotolight RL48 Creative Colour Kit


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Rotolight RL48 Creative Colour Kit


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All your colour needs in one

The Rotolight Creative Colour Kit is the world's most portable, professional, single-light creative HD lighting solution and is designed for photographers and videographers alike.

The multi award winning Rotolight ring light produces a natural, warm and shadowless wide light beam, making it perfect for HD-DSLR photography, HD Cinematography, Videography and ENG applications for use on location or in a studio environment. As a continuous light source, Rotolight provides DSLR photographers with a 'Shoot What You See' alternative to flash, and delivers that sought-after 'fashion ringlight' effect , without red eye reflection or unwanted blink responses.

Each Rotolight contains a filter holder and a custom Lee Lighting 6-piece ring-filter Calibration Gel Set for studio calibrated colour at 6300K, 5600K, 4300K and 3200K plus soft diffusion and Also included in the Creative Colour Kit is the Rotolight Colour FX Gel Filter Kit, comprising 10 of the most popular Lee Lighting colour FX filter gels including 8 Colour FX filters for sidelight, backlight, kicker or toplight, and two Cosmetic filters for skin tone enhancement enabling a wide range of lighting effects from one compact, easy to carry Kit.

The Rotolight Stand Mount allows mounting on tripods, lighting stands, rail support systems or to a standard accessory shoe for use with HD-DSLR Cameras or Camcorders. The whole lighting kit fits into the Accessory Belt Pouch (also supplied) and weighs less than 470g (1LB). The Pouch can also hold an iPhone, keys and 6 spare AA batteries (Phone/Keys/ Batteries not included).

Rotolight RL48-B Stealth Features:

  • Adds warm, natural light for HD cinematography and photography
  • Delivers calibrated 6300K, 5600K "Daylight", 4300K and 3200K "Tungsten" light
  • Hot light equivalent: 80w
  • CTO Filters Supplied: Lee 205, 223, and 285
  • ND/Diffusion Filters Supplied: Lee 298, 209, and 216
  • Works well as a macro light source down to 4cm from subject
  • Powered by 3 x AA batteries
  • Mounts directly over shotgun mic or hot shoe with optional camera / stand mount 

Rotolight Colour FX Gel Filter Kit Features:

  • Compatible with Rotolight RL48/RL48-A/RL48-B
  • Filters manufactured by LEE Filters
  • Designed to compliment several different lighting conditions
  • Great for skin tones, highlights, side-fills, backwash, and kickers

Filters included:

  • Cosmetic filters: 184 (Cosmetic Peach), 791 (Moroccan Frost)
  • Colour Effect Filters: 063 (Pale Blue), 712 (Bedford Blue), 020 (Medium Amber), 182 (Light Red), 765 (Sunlight Yellow), 730 (Liberty Green), 052 (Light Lavender), 128 (Bright Pink)

Rotolight Accessory Pouch Features:

  • Holds and protects 2 Rotolights plus filters and camera stand
  • Pouch to hold iPhone
  • Space for up to 6 AA batteries 
  • AC Grip
  • Heavy-duty "O" rings
  • Velcro closure

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