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Sirui Tripods & Monopods

Exceptionally strong and surprisingly light, delivering the ultimate in manufacturing excellence. Sirui is a pioneer of using forging technology to increase the strength to weight ratio. Their continuing product innovation is designed to meet the ever changing needs of photographers.

Using a tripod opens up all sorts of new possibilities that can't be achieved even with built in image stabilization. All sorts of wonderful images can be taken with extra long exposure times, including water shots, moving backgrounds, night shots...the list goes on.

Added to that is the pleasure of taking your time, setting up a shot and waiting for the right moment to capture it. Macro photography, especially at low levels, is greatly improved with a tripod...there are just SO many reasons to add a tripod to your outfit!

For quick and instant stabilisation, or even if space is limited and you’re moving around a lot, check out our range of monopods.

If size is an issue or you’re shooting macro images on your table, have a look at our perfect little table-top tripods.

For travelling the world, our selection of travel tripods not only offer stabilisation when you need it, but they are perfectly light and compact enough to fit into many camera bags, without (and this is quite important) losing any height.

If you’re just starting out and need a tripod our range of tripod kits, which includes a tripod head, can be found right here.

Shop with confidence with sone of our favoured brands such as 3 Legged Thing, Benro, MeFoto, Sirui, Vanguard and Velbon

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