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Used Canon 10-22mm f3.5-4.5 USM EF-S Lens


  • New Or Secondhand: Secondhand
  • Condition: Excellent
  • Location: Stevenage
  • 6 Month Guarantee
  • Lens is suitable for: Canon EOS APS-C (EF-S) Only
  • Fitting: Canon EFs Only
  • ZOOM
  • Wide ZOOM

Product code: B006005389

6 Month Guarantee
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Used Canon 10-22mm f3.5-4.5 USM EF-S Lens


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We aim for you to have 100% satisfaction with your purchase and all of our used lenses are supplied with lens caps as standard. When available, we will also supply you with an instruction manual and lens hood.

What is the condition of this used item?

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  • Obvious signs of use
  • Full working order
  • Some marks and slight scratches
  • No dust or fungus
  • Odour free
  • Smooth zoom/focus movement (Lenses only)

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Product Reviews

Lightweight, Good value for money, Image quality, Easy to use, Durable
Trusted Reviews

Keen to reclaim ground in the hotly contested ultra-wideangle lens market, Canon’s lightweight 10-18mm zoom comes with a number of attractive features. Let’s begin with the inclusion of Stepping Motor Technology (STM), which Canon claims allows the lens to focus ‘near silently’, and having used it...

Practical Photography

Canon’s ultra-wide entry for APS-C cameras is a hidden gem. Featuring a traditional landscape focal distance and slight 240g weight, it’s an ideal kit bag companion. The optics include 14 elements in 11 groups, and seven rounded diaphragm blades, though this is not a lens designed to capture bokeh.

I admit I am a huge proponent of ultra-wide angle lenses. I can’t imagine a holiday trip without such a device in my bag. The fact that the Canon enlarged its offer by another wide angle lens aimed at amateur photographers is, in my opinion, an excellent move.

Photography BLOG

The in-expensive Canon EF-S 10-18mm f/4.5-5.6 IS STM offers more features and much better image quality that you might expect given its price-point, making it a great ultra-wide-angle addition to a compact, lightweight EOS kit.


It is quite amazing that budget lenses like this are able to deliver image quality you'd expect from top of the range, professional quality glass from a few years ago. This lens delivers excellent sharpness, low CA and reasonable distortion, which is fantastic for a lens costing under £300.


very cheap yet very useful lens for travelling photographers. but at least mine 10-18 can show very poor sharpness along the edges (and I don't just mean corners) quite often which I think has something to do with build tolerance and consistency of the optical assembly. when it nails it, it's great.

Camera Labs

Canon's EF-S 10-18mm IS STM is a lightweight and affordable ultra-wide zoom for its cropped-frame / APSC format DSLRs. The coverage takes over where most kit lenses start, but zooms so much wider, capturing vast landscapes, huge buildings, or just large group shots when you can't step back any...

What Digital Camera

Despite its ultra-wideangle, I’d happily use the Canon 10-18mm f/4.5-5.6 as a walk-around lens with a mid-range prime such as the EF 50mm f/1.4 in my camera bag. At its widest aperture the depth of field avoids being shallow, keeping large groups in focus, but with this being an ultra-wide lens it’s...

The Digital Picture

Inexpensive general purpose and telephoto EF-S zoom lenses have been in the Canon lineup for a long time, but absent was a lens that has great value in a budget APS-C/1.6x format DSLR kit: an inexpensive ultra-wide angle EF-S zoom lens.


The mirrorless gang may have all the attention at the moment. However, Canon showed once more that the quality crown still belongs to DSLR systems - even and especially regarding low cost lenses.

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just new to photography but been out with the new lens a few times now and thoroughly enjoyed it. I have used it on auto and manual with positive results on both. I found the focus ring to be a bit sensitive and occasionally missed the ring due to it being on the thin side, however the more I used...

Wex Photo Video

just new to photography but been out with the new lens a few times now and thoroughly enjoyed it. I have used it on auto and manual with positive results on both. I found the focus ring to be a bit sensitive and occasionally missed the ring due to it being on the thin side, however the more I used...


I’m relatively new to photography. This wide angle lens has been a great addition to my photography kit and allowed me to get some great shots.

John Lewis

I take pictures for fun, as a pastime ,so don't expect any technical jargon.Value for moneyI think is excellent, quality of build is reflected in the price, its not a solid lump of metal, there"s a good bit of plastic, but this in no way takes away from the function of the lens.Only used a couple of...

If you're an amateur and want to enter the world of ultrawide angle, this is the lens for you.


Turned up very quickly as usual and has been nothing but a gem of a lens. Landscapes are now so much better to capture

Wilkinson Cameras

An excellent lens which is ideal for my landscape photography


Great lens for landscapes image stabilisation means you don't need to lug a tripod around all the time.

Wex Photo Video

My first serious entry into ultra-wide photography and this lens is really opening it up for me. All plastic probably to meet a price point so its light and the build quality may not suit some, but no compromise at all in performance giving razor sharp images.


For the price, a good addition to my suit of lenses. If I had to be super critical, I don't feel the reproduction is as good as my other lenses. It probably will not me on and off my camera that often, so I don't believe the plastic mount is going to be an issue.

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