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Velbon Ultra 655 Tripod Legs


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Velbon Ultra 655 Tripod Legs


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Compact, tall and strong

Tripod Max. Height Tripod Closed Height Tripod Weight Tripod Payload Capacity Low Level Option Build Material Leg Sections Built In Spirit Level
153.6cm 37.2cm 1.48kg 4kg Yes Aluminium 5 No

It is well known that weak leg joints are the cause of unsteadiness in tripods.

The outstanding feature of the Ultra Series tripods is extremely strong joints because each leg section extends the entire inside length of the outer leg casing.

Thanks to a design that incorporates tube legs which engage slightly off center, Velbon innovated a mechanism that enables each leg to be locked with a simple quick twist. Protruding parts are eliminated from the tripod, and the legs are far more compact when closed.

Compact and extending to a good working height while retaining excellent strength make the Ultra Series instruments approach the ideal tripod configuration.

Legs are thick and sturdy. Both ball-type and 3-way pan-and-tilt heads can be mounted on these tripods.

Perfect as either a secondary or travel tripod, just one Ultra tripod can be a priceless treasure when your photograph is critical.

The Velbon Ultra 655 is a heavy-duty travel tripod which is designed for serious photographers and videographers. This tripod uses Velbon’s unique TSS (Trunnion Shaft System), which makes it tall and sturdy when extended, yet when folded, the Ultra 655 packs down to just 37.2cm in length. The multi-angle legs and splitable centre-column allow low-level working down to just 13.3cm. Velbon offer a full range of heads to fit this tripod, making it a truly versatile and rugged tripod for the traveling photographer.

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