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Vixen Polari Polar Axis Scope


Product code: VPPAS (495529535582)

Vixen Polari Polar Axis Scope


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Product Details

Designed for Polarie Star Tracker

  • Aligns Polarie with Earth Axis
  • Eyepiece Diopter Adjustment
  • Time/Date Graduation Circles
  • Meridian Offset Scale
  • Integrated Bubble Level
  • Integrated Eyepiece

The Polarie Polar Scope from Vixen Optics is an astrophotography tool used to improve the polar alignment of the Polarie Star Tracker. Precise alignment of your Polarie Star Tracker with the Earth's axis is essential to taking crisp images of the sun, moon, or celestial bodies.

Simply use the Polar Scope dials to adjust the time and date graduation circles, and median offset to identify your longitudinal position on the Earth, Then insert the Polar Scope into the Polarie and use the Polarie Tripod to place the reticle on Polaris (northern hemisphere only). Within minutes, you will be capturing your astrophotographs and time lapse images.

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