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Canon RF 10-20mm f4L IS STM Lens


  • Fitting: Canon RF
  • Lens/Image Stabilisation: Yes

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Canon RF 10-20mm f4L IS STM Lens



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Product Details

See the world in ultrawide, with a lens that fuels your creativity.

Redefining the professional ultrawide-angle zoom lens with the RF 10-20mm F4L IS STM. Wider, smaller and with more features than its rivals, this lens empowers photographers and filmmakers with the performance they need to realise their creative ambitions.

Whatever you shoot, and wherever you shoot it, the RF 10-20mm F4L IS STM gives you extra creative options for photography and filmmaking. Ultrawide focal lengths from 10mm to 20mm let you put more in the frame and create dramatic perspectives. An advanced Image Stabilizer lets you shoot pin-sharp photos handheld in low light, as well as gimbal-smooth video. All this from a pro-grade lens that weighs just 570g – light enough to earn a permanent place in your bag.

The ultimate ultrawide for photos and video

Get more in the frame and create dramatic perspectives – Add extra foreground interest and shoot tight interiors and architecture. It’s great for creative establishing shots when filmmaking too.

Ultrawide, ultraportable

Weighing just 570g, the RF 10-20mm F4L IS STM deserves a permanent place in your bag. Take the ultrawide viewpoint to more places more often and take a different perspective than usual.

Every detail – just how it should be

Expect incredible sharpness and clarity with virtually no distortion – so straight lines remain straight, even at the edges of the frame. All thanks to an advanced optical formula.

Stabilisation that just works

Photo or video. Centre or edge. A Peripheral Control Image Stabilizer gives up to five stops of protection against camera shake – six stops with an EOS featuring in-body stabilisation.

Built for the professionals

A constant f/4 maximum aperture gives consistent exposures through the zoom range. A lens function button and control ring allow instinctive shooting. Naturally, the RF 10-20mm F4L IS STM is resistant to dust and moisture too.

Ultrawide, ultracompact

The RF 10-20mm F4L IS STM is the widest AF zoom ever made for a full-frame camera, with an angle of view up to 130˚. The RF mount’s short back-focus and large lens mount allow amazing image quality from a compact design. 

In fact, the RF 10-20mm F4L IS STM is 610g lighter, and 2cm smaller in width and length than the EF11-24mm F4L USM, despite offering a wider angle of view and more technology, such as IS.

The lens has three glass-moulded aspherical elements for high-resolution performance. Advanced lens coatings minimise ghosting and flare.

Top Features:

  • 10-20mm ultrawide focal length: Include more in the frame and create dramatic perspectives.
  • Peripheral Control Image Stabilizer: Up to 5 stops of stabilisation for photos (6 stops with an IBIS-equipped EOS) and rock-steady video – even in the corners of the frame.
  • Advanced rectilinear optical design: Keeps straight lines straight, even at the edges of the frame – a win for architecture
  • Constant f/4 maximum aperture: For consistent exposures at every zoom setting
  • Glass moulded aspherical lens elements: And UD and Super UD glass, with state-of-the-art optical coatings, for razor-sharp results
  • Robust L-series construction: Resistant to dust
  • Weighs just 570g: So you can take it to more places more often
  • STM autofocus: Optimised linear focusing system ideal for photos; smooth for video. All in near-silence
  • Custom button and control ring: Work the way you want – quickly and instinctively
  • Full-time manual focusing: Allows instant adjustments to focus without switching modes or take your camera from your eye
  • Rear filter holder: make it easy to use Gelatin filters

What's in the box?

  • Canon RF 10-20mm f4L IS STM Lens
  • Front Cap
  • Rear Cap
  • Lens Case

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