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Canon EOS R5 Mirrorless Digital Camera Body


  • Screen Size: 3.15"
  • Fitting: Canon RF
  • Sensor Size: Full Frame Sensor
  • Resolution: 40-50MP
  • "In Body" Image Stabilization
  • 4K Movie
  • Bluetooth

Product code: 8714 (8714574666051)

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Canon EOS R5 Mirrorless Digital Camera Body


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Product Details

Re-think what you know about mirrorless cameras. The EOS R5’s uncompromising performance will revolutionise your photography and filmmaking. Shoot 45-megapixel stills at 20fps, capture RAW video at 8K and enjoy an 8 stop Image Stabilizer

  • 45 megapixel full-frame CMOS sensor - Capture extraordinary detail, right up to ISO 51,200
  • 20 fps - Shoot faster and capture the perfect moment
  • 8 stop IS - Shoot handheld with very long shutter speeds
  • Full Frame 8K RAW video - Superb resolution and dynamic range
  • 4K video up to 120fps - For outstanding slow-motion effects
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® - Make wireless connectivity fast and simple

Resolution & speed – no compromise

Nothing else comes close. Capture incredibly detailed 45-megapixel images at up to 20fps in complete silence with full AE and AF tracking. 

Stay sharp, stay focused

Moving subjects are tracked with ease, thanks to a deep-learning, 1053-area AF system that tracks heads, faces and eyes and works on dogs, cats and birds too. 

Power for professionals

New levels of performance drive your creativity to new heights. Like an Image Stabilizer that’s effective up to 8 stops, for handheld photography at slow shutter speeds.

Revolutionising videography. Again.

The EOS R5 can capture stunning 8K DCI RAW 24/25/30p video internally to its CFexpress card and 4K video at frame rates up to 120p – all with continuous focusing.

Send images quickly and easily

Get ahead and start your digital workflow on the move. Built-in Wi-Fi lets you transfer images to smart devices, to cloud accounts using, and clients via FTP/FTPS. 

Powerful image stabilisation for new ways of shooting

The EOS R5 features a five-axis in-body Image Stabilizer, which provides up to 5 stops of protection against camera shake when shooting with lenses that don’t have their own IS. However, when a compatible IS-equipped RF lens is fitted the two stabilisation systems work together creating an Intelligent Image stabilization system that delivers an incredible 8-stop advantage.

New levels of realism from an electronic viewfinder

The EOS R5’s electronic viewfinder refreshes at 120 frames per second and features no fewer than 5.76 million dots. The result is a staggering realistic view of the world that will have you feeling totally immersed in the scene – as if there is nothing between you and your subject. Of course, this state-of-the-art EVF also previews factors such as white balance, depth of field and Picture Style, so you’ll always know what you are shooting.

AF and subject tracking powered by deep-learning AI

The EOS ITR AF X autofocus system in the EOS R5 has been programmed using a deep-learning AI, originally developed for our ground-breaking EOS-1D X Mark III DSLR camera. In Face/Eye detection mode, the system recognises faces accurately, including those in profile when only one eye is visible. This ensures subjects are kept razor-sharp, even when moving unpredictably and depth of field is shallow. And if a person turns away for a moment, their head continues to be tracked so that their face is sharp when they turn back towards the camera.

Furthermore, the EOS R5’s deep-learning AI has been programmed with the ability to recognise and track cats, dogs and birds – focusing on either their bodies, faces or eyes. This makes photographing wildlife easier than ever before, especially subjects such as birds in flight.

This class-leading AF system can focus in as little as 0.05sec and in light levels as low as -6EV giving you the confidence you need to capture superb results.

More powerful battery

The EOS R5 is powered by a more powerful new LP-E6NH battery, which adds 20 per cent more capacity than older LP-E6N batteries, letting you capture (on average) 490 shots on a single charge.

LP-E6NH batteries can be charged using the supplied battery charger or in-camera via USB C 3.1, with 5V/1.5A power delivery (PD) capabilities. The BG-R10 battery grip is also available, which can accommodate two batteries at once for extended shooting times.

Older LP-E6 and LP-E6N batteries are compatible with the EOS R5, although the very fastest shooting rates and in-camera charging are not available when using the LP-E6.

Shoot RAW video at 8K resolution

Capture superb 8K 12-bit RAW video using the full width of the EOS R5’s full-frame sensor for a truly cinematic result, with footage being captured internally to a CFexpress card. 8K filming is possible with continuous AF with eye and face tracking – perfect for run-and-gun style documentary filming.

RAW 8K footage gives the best image quality on the EOS R5, but 8K can be captured in other ways too, which speed up the editing workflow – choose between 10-bit 4:2:2 MP4/H.265 or 8-bit 4:2:0 MP4/H.265 codecs.

Alongside its ground-breaking 8K capabilities, the EOS R5 sets new standards for videographers shooting in 4K. Capture 4K DCI (full-frame) and 4K UHD at frame rates up to 120p (119.88fps) with 4:2:2/10-bit quality, enabling silky smooth slow-motion with stunning high resolution. At frame rates up to 59.94fps, there is a choice between using the full width of the camera’s sensor or a 1.6x crop, which is similar in size to Super 35mm.

For those needing the very highest 4K quality, the EOS R5’s 4K HQ mode reproduces stunning detail at frame rates up to 30p by oversampling 8K footage. The results need to be seen to be believed.

Within two years of launching the Full-Frame RF-mount, Canon already offers 15 native lenses. The current RF lens line-up covers focal-lengths from 15 to 800mm with rectilinear lenses. This is nearly the same coverage as the entire lineup of Full-Frame EF-mount lenses for SLRs!

Focal length is not everything though and there are far more EF lenses than RF ones. Canon demonstrated the potential of the RF-mount by releasing an ultra-bright F/1.2 lens and the only F/2 constant-aperture zoom lens with Full-Frame coverage. Subsequently, lenses with all maximum apertures from F/1.2 to F/11 were added.

Canon currently offers no less than 5 general purpose zoom lenses, with a mix of focal-range and maximum aperture for all preferences.

The brightest Canon RF 28-70mm F/2L USM offers a slightly narrower field-of-view than others while allowing at least 1-stop more light through.

There is a classic bright Canon RF 24-70mm F/2.8L IS USM workhorse lens which features builtin image-stabilization for older RF-mount cameras.

Trading one stop of brightness for more reach is the Canon RF 24-105mm F/4L IS USM constant-aperture zoom, one of the best all-purpose lenses on the market.

A highly compact Canon RF 24-105mm F/4-7.1 IS STM weighs about half the second lightest lens here. This lens provides the same focal-range and maximum aperture at wide-angle as the previous on but becomes extremely dim when zoomed in.

One of the few ultra-zooms for Full-Frame mirrorless digital cameras is the Canon RF 24-240mm F/4-6.3 IS USM. It packs 10X optical zoom with a rather dim maximum aperture to manage its 750g weight.

Only a single ultra-wide zoom exists for the Canon RF-mount. The Canon RF 15-35mm F/2.8L IS USM is an outstanding lens for architecture and interior photography thanks to its 110° angle-of-view and bright F/2.8 maximum aperture. Third-party manufacturers offer a handful of ultra-wide prime lenses.

Two complementary telephoto zoom lenses made it into the RF-mount lineup. One is the Canon RF 70-200mm F/2.8L IS USM which is universally sought after for street and wedding photography, plus sports quite often. The other is an extremely long Canon RF 100-500mm F/4.5-7.1L IS USM zoom with dim variable-aperture. This telephoto lens provides a reasonable compromise between size and reach, particularly when paired with an R5 or R6 which augment its stabilization efficiency from 5 to 8 stops.

The rest of the line-up can be split into bright prime lenses with apertures of F/1.2 to F/2 and a pair of extreme telephoto lenses with fixed F/11 apertures. Bright primes all have focal lengths between 35 and 85mm. These lenses can be used for low-light and portrait photography. Two even have semi-macro capability with a 0.5X magnification. The fixed-aperture lenses are suitable for very distant and still subjects.

Product Reviews

Easy to use, Features, Fast, accurate autofocus, Quality construction, Improved battery life
TechRadar UK

Canon's best ever stills camera, the EOS R5 is an incredibly powerful tool for almost every kind of photography. While that versatility doesn't quite extend to video, it is still a compelling hybrid option if you're aware of its limitations. The only major barrier for most of us is that price tag.

Pocket Lint

This full-frame mirrorless camera is an absolute powerhouse, delivering top image quality, autofocus and in-body stabilisation performance. There are some hiccups with high-end video recording overheating, the body-only asking price is high, and the competition from Sony is strong.


The Canon EOS R5 is Canon's flagship full-frame mirrorless camera, with class-leading video specifications, as well as impressive stills performance. For stills photography, it does not offer the highest resolution (that goes to the A7R IV) but does offer plenty of resolution.

Amateur Photographer

After a big build up, Canon’s flagship full-frame mirrorless model is finally here. Michael Topham finds out how it fares

Amateur Photographer

Amateur Photographer recently had the chance to inspect the new Canon EOS R5 in the flesh


The EOS R5 is a good match for its target market: principally professional users who shoot both photos and video for work.

PC Magazine

Still photographers will find little at fault with the high-resolution Canon EOS R5, but heat management issues will leave video-first creatives looking elsewhere.

Camera Jabber

The Canon EOS R5 leaves little doubt that Canon is now serious about the mirrorless camera market. It has phenomenal specification with features like a 45Mp full-frame sensor, phase detection autofocusing that covers the whole frame, eye AF for humans and animals that works in video and stills mode...

Camera Labs

The EOS R5 is Canon’s best overall camera for stills photography, out-performing and out-featuring pretty much every model its released to date. Pro sports and wildlife specialists may find reasons to prefer the 1Dx III - such as its larger battery, optical viewfinder being preferable in some...

The Digital Picture

It has been five years since Canon introduced a camera that I wanted in my kit more than the Canon EOS 5Ds R . With the incredibly feature-filled EOS R5, Canon appears to have held nothing back, and many thousands of frames later, I'm certain that this is the camera I've been waiting for.

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Wex Photo Video

I am an enthusiastic amateur, mostly interested in family portraits and wildlife. I traded in my 5Dmk3 and 7Dmk2 for an R5. I also got the new 600mm RF f11 lens. So far the R5 is excellent! With the 600mm RF lens, I really like the massive reduction in weight from the 7Dmk2 + 100-400mm ISmk2.


Great camera, I do wildlife photography the eye detection is very good and I've taken some great images, my only complaint is that the battery doesn't last very long if I'm continually taking photos it only lasts a couple of hours and that's with most features turned off, I don't even use the flip...

John Lewis

This is a workhorse for me and replaces one of my 5D iv's. The technology is great, the upgrade to 45mp adds the ability to recompose in post and the overall IQ is superb. The increase in resolution does show the limits in some older lenses though.First impression is there's a little more noise in...

Harrison Cameras

The R5 replaced a well-used 5D iv; there is a step change in image quality and resolution which is greater than I expected. It is taking some getting used to but is largely intuitive after the 5D. I have been using it predominantly with the 100-500 RF lens which is superb.

Wex Photo Video

I am a Wildlife Photographer. Love the R5 especially the 45 Megapixels and the Eye tracking feature. The images are superb and you can do a bit of cropping and still get a large file. I also love the 4K Video. A real true Hybrid camera.


this is a fantastic camera with a huge array of custom menus , it does every thing you could ask from a camera, please remember its only as clever as the operator, for photography it is fantastic with 45 mega pixels and endless focus points with eye and face detect for portrait.

Wex Photo Video

this is a fantastic camera with a huge array of custom menus , it does every thing you could ask from a camera, please remember its only as clever as the operator, for photography it is fantastic with 45 mega pixels and endless focus points with eye and face detect for portrait.


I have used the R5 almost everyday for 12 months and my success rate for images is an indication in how good the AF is on this camera, the ability to crop and not lose detail is a fantastic asset, the ability to hand hold with RF lenses has helped me experiment with light trails on city streets of...

Wex Photo Video

This camera is absolutely brilliant. The quality of the engineering and the performance of the product are simply stunning. Definitely worth the wait. I have used Canon DSLR cameras since the days of film, A1, and this is by far the best Canon camera in terms of image quality etc.


The R5 has an improved auto focus system that together with the 45Mp image has allowed me to try new photographic opportunities that previously were much more difficult. Having previously been a loyal 5D mk ii/iv fan I now exclusively just use the R5 and have invested in a range of RF lenses which I...

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