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Sony HVL-F20M External Flash


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  • Fitting: Sony Multi Interface Shoe

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Product Details

  • Compatible with Sony ADI / P-TTL / Multi Interface Shoe
  • Guide Number: 66' at ISO 100 and 50mm
  • Coverage: 27mm & 50mm (Full Frame)
  • Tilts Upwards 75°
  • Wireless TTL Controller
  • Recycle Time: 0.1-5 Seconds
  • Slow, 1st & 2nd Curtain Sync

Compact, easy-to-use flash for advanced lighting

The guide number of 20 (GN20) makes it powerful enough to illuminate subjects up to 5 meters away (TELE position, ISO 100, F4).

Bounce flash

As the name implies, “bounce flash” means light is bounced off a surface such as the ceiling rather than being directed straight at the subject. This reduces the intensity of shadows and produces a softer light for more natural looking images. Since the flash position can be easily adjusted via a slide switch, this bounce flash technique can be used anytime, anywhere.

Direct flash

Simply use it facing forward as a direct flash that provides greater reach than the camera’s built-in flash. Whenever you need it, just attach it and count on its ability to bring out the details in evening outdoors situations as well as indoors in dimly lit rooms.

Automatic power on / off

The flash unit automatically powers on when it is raised into a shooting position, and turns off when the flash body is lowered flat. This means the flash is ready when you’re ready to shoot, and also helps to avoid unnecessary power drain while not in use.

Wireless control

Attach to a compatible camera and use this flash unit to wirelessly control other compatible flash units.

Compact and slim

The HVL-F20M is only 24 mm thick, giving it an extremely slim profile that makes it easy to use and to carry. Its compact body takes up minimal space in your camera case or bag where room is limited, and once you put it on your camera it’s very easy to handle.

Advanced Distance Integration (ADI)

ADI provides automatic metering that is virtually unaffected by the reflectance of subjects or backgrounds, maintaining correct exposure even with overly reflective or overly dark subjects. It pre-flashes the unit to incorporate the reflected light measurement, together with precise distance information from a compatible camera’s lens, to achieve the optimum flash level (E-mount not supported).

Auto White Balance Adjustment

Colour temperature varies according to the environment you're shooting in, and the colour temperature of a flash should match that of the ambient light to look natural. With this intelligent function, colour temperature information is transferred from the flash unit to the camera for correct White Balance setting, thereby enabling more natural looking flash photography.

Product Reviews

Lightweight, Easy to use, Reliable, Strong construction, Good value for money
Wex Photo Video

This was a replacement as broke my first after 6 years! This little beauty has been all over the world with me. I own bigger on camera flashes but realised they are pretty pointless with the latest digital cameras where all you often need is a bit of fill in flash.


I have purchased large flash guns in the past but came to realise that it is better to have a smaller flash for fill in. This is a brilliant little flash. It has been all over the world with me and remains on my camera almost all the time.It is so light I do not even know it is there.


I already owned a bigger Sony flash but wanted a smaller one to carry with me for those times I didn't think I would even need a flash. And, I wanted this one to serve as the "controller" flash to flash my other flash off camera. I was told this would do the trick. And it does.

Wex Photo Video

Just now and again


This was a replacement as broke my first after 6 years! This little beauty has been all over the world with me. I own bigger on camera flashes but realised they are pretty pointless with the latest digital cameras where all you often need is a bit of fill in flash.


I wanted a flash to add to my 6500, for occasional use on holiday. The F20M is physically small and light, and does a great job. I was also pleased to find that it was able to control the off-camera wireless flash that I had bought with my Sony A100 over ten years ago.


This little flash is perfect for what I need, usually a little fill flash outside or to brighten up a dull interior. It's not to powerful but used with my hx400v has enough features for what I need and folds down ready for use, just perfect.


I love this flash. It is a nice light weight addition to our Sony alpha ii camera. The pictures that we have taken so far with the flash have looked great. I would highly recommend this product.

B&H Photo

It is small, weak and can't be adjusted much for shooting conditions. Out of the box, it did not operate wirelessly as stated in th instructions. I'm not conviced it is tryky TTL... I see ni way to tell. There is no LCD screen. It does noy even trigger my slave flash.


Item is okay with a distance of 15ft. purchase item because it is light weight. Also 4AA Ni-MH batteries and charger is of no value as the flash only uses AAA--

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